Revived by Re-Plastic
Recycling center and community space
Freetown, Sierra Leone, 2019
Prof. Diébédo Francis Kéré
In collab. with M. Moradian

The site is in the slum of a capital of one of the poorest african country in the world Sierra Leone. After the civil war and Ebola epedimy the life of community is compleatly destroyed. One of the biggest problem is huge amount of plastic trash and the slum Kroo Bay has a big concentration of it. Plastic comes with a river to the slum and then further to the ocean. In the extreme lack of electricity, in the project was the strive to help residents using low tech for rising up life level and creating a public space, moreover to not allow polluting the environment.
The building is designed in the single empty place in the Kroo Bay community - small plot between drastically polluted with plastic river and the heart of public life, which is football field and at the same time main square. The idea of the project is to maximally consider the surroundings and to underline the plastic recycling in architecture. So the building itself symbolyzes a production chain, the bridge was created to bind two parts of the slum and to filter the plastic trash, tribune is to watch football and to store objects underneath, promanade at the riverside is to enjoy clean water and symbolic curved roof is for warming up the plastic and for covering the gathering space.

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