Socio-ecological box project for collecting "paper" coffee cups
Status: implemented
In collab. with: Molodost collective and Daria Mikryukova
Winner of the All-Russian grant at the Tavrida festival
Berthold Center, St. Petersburg 2020

Globally, 32 million trees are cut down annually to produce disposable paper cups. In order for the cup to withstand high temperatures and not get wet, it is covered from the inside with a thin layer of polyethylene. Due to this fusion of paper and plastic, the material cannot be recycled as waste paper. As a result, there are almost no disposable paper cup processing plants in Russia, while two-thirds of Russians buy take-away coffee from time to time.

The main mission of the project is to attract the population and the state to the problem of mass production of cups and their disposal with the help of a bright and memorable object that will introduce fashion for their recycling. The box's emblematic finish is made of remelted plastic panels that used to be bottle caps. An installation will be made of the collected cups, for which a workshop will be held on planting seedlings in these cups, and in a week anyone can take them for themselves. Further development of the project is the distribution of such eco-boxes, as well as the collection, sorting, and further processing of cups and lids.