Living Lab and office Tyreman group
Mix use office building
Status: under construction
Client: T-Development LLC
St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, Telman Village, 2019

The project promotes the program of Baltic Industrial Symbiosis (BIS), a concept for sustainable regional development, to use one company's waste, in the form of e.g. energy, ingredients or materials, as a resource for the next company. Living Lab is a space where participants share and co-create knowledge intending to seek innovative solutions that respond to common needs. With facilities such as a greenhouse, working space, and warehouse, enterprises can experiment with the use and possible recirculation of residuals. The main purpose of the building is to create a center to demonstrate the principles of industrial symbiosis in practice. The living laboratory will also include a center for visitors, eco-lecture hall, coworking, testing and production process control zone.

The building will be constructed using energy-efficient technologies and reused or recycled materials. Thus the function and construction will promote the circular economy. Passive design principles will be achieved by using a simple but radical low tech approach. Maximizing the windows to the south to gain solar heat in cold climate and to locate technical spaces on the north side with minimum openings to protect from harsh wind are main planning aspects. The different heights of the existing shipping containers, the restriction at first, help to create natural cross ventilation and unique spatial experience.
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