Project for the competition "House of the Earth" for the placement of eco-modules for tourists in the reserves of Russia
Client: National Project - Ecology of Russia
St. Peterburg 2020

Natural reserves are spread throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, covering numerous nationalities and cultures. These places have long had their own building customs, which need to be learned and rethought. The presented project, called Home, is the quintessence of typologies of traditional Russian architecture, adapting energy efficient technologies to different climatic zones. In addition, this work takes a circular economy approach that contributes to the UN sustainable development goals.

The object consists of an easily transportable and collapsible prefabricated modular structure, which makes it possible to create cells of different functionality and typology. Such an adaptable structure makes construction cheaper and easier while making it possible to place both a single module and create larger complexes. This will help meet the needs of different target groups from beginners to professional tourists, in addition to placing houses in a wide range of landscapes.

An important aspect of this project is eco-friendliness, the basis of which is the minimum impact of the building on the environment, both in the use of the materials themselves and in construction technologies. The design of the house assumes the possibility of easy dismantling and reuse of building elements. For this, collapsible screw connections are used, which extend the service life of individual parts of the building, reducing financial costs and the exploitation of natural resources for the production of new elements. Thus, this project is not only easier to manufacture, but also more sustainable.